A minimalistic theme with a fullscreen slider for artists of all kind.

PhotoBlogger is a theme specifically designed for photobloggers, photographers and artists wanting to showcase their art in a fullscreen slider. It’s modern, minimal and responsive, and it’s one of the few themes that have passed the accessibility reviews.


The fullscreen slider uses the Featured Content module of the Jetpack plugin. The slider will be shown at the front page when you have at least two featured posts (maximum 5).

A colorful Tumblr style theme with a dark background for bloggers on WordPress.

The return of the good, old fashioned, three column holy grail layout. In times past bloggers honored their content with fashionable sidebars on the left AND right side of the screen. Myth plans to uphold that sacred tradition. Yet, it’s modern, responsive and accessibility-ready, and it supports several post formats (Quote, Aside, Links).

Screenshot of Myth WordPress Theme.

This page is still under construction. Click here for theme documentation.

A simple blogging theme with two sidebars on the outer edges of the screen.

Newton is a slightly different approach to the familiar three columned layout we all know so well. Instead of restricting everything in the middle of the screen the sidebars are free to float to the outermost edges. Newton supports several post formats, scales well to all screen sizes and is accessibility-ready.


This page is still under construction. GitHub is coming soon.

A colorful Tumblr style theme that supports all post formats and was inspired by the popular Twenty Thirteen.

Identity is a modern, bright and colorful tumblog style theme designed for the many bloggers who are young of heart, mind and/or spirit. Identity supports all post formats (standard, aside, image, video, audio, gallery, quote, link, status) and in the header you can display your gravatar image and users description.


A simple and responsive theme with a fullscreen slider.

Aperture is a

Screenshot of the Aperture theme for WordPress

I will write a proper guide some day, but since I’m receiving questions about Aperture here’s a short one:

Aperture needs the Jetpack plugin for the Fullscreen Slider to function. It makes use of the Featured Content module, so basically, after you’ve installed and enabled Jetpack on your website, you can tag posts or pages with “featured” to have them show up in the Fullscreen Slider. The posts or pages you want to feature in the slider should contain a featured image. After this create a new page and, at the right hand side, select the “Fullscreen Slider” page template. That’s basically it. Good luck!